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京都の御所南の町家で画廊を営む一晴画廊(いちはるがろう・企画)アート・ディレクターでありアーティストの宮毬紗のブログです。展覧会、国内外で活躍するアーティストの作品情報などをお届けしています。 〒604−0951京都市中京区晴明町660(二条通り富小路西入る南側) 075−212−3484 080-5714-3753

梅庭展/ICHIHARU Gallery Art Exhibition (~3/27)


 Post caerd


Post card

These post cards have the patterns of Kyoto’s traditional kimonos that were designed about 100 years ago. We made the post cards using the design collection book that was owned by an art collector in Kyoto. They are on sale only at Ichiharu Gallery in Kyoto.



Ichiharu Gallery selection

5 Feb (Fri) – 27 Mar (Sun)

Close:  3/14,15,22

Open: 12:00 - 18:00 (Sun 12:00 - 17:00)

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